Blackmores Superkids Immune 60 Chewables

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Blackmores Superkids Immune 60 Chewables

Blackmores SuperKids® Immune Chewables are a 99.5% sugar free formulation to support kids’ immune health.

Blackmores Superkids® Immune Chewables contain a daily boost of 5 essential nutrients including vitamin A, C, D, E & zinc.Blackmores Superkids® Immune Chewables are 99.5% sugar free and still taste delicious.

Kids naturally enjoy a sweet taste but we all know that sugar isn’t good for a growing kid’s teeth or body.

Blackmores Superkids® Immune Chewables are sweetened with xylitol and sorbitol – naturally derived sweeteners from natural carbohydrate sources and also stevia – from the leaves of the stevia plant. 

Blackmores Superkids® Immune Chewables have no added artificial flavours and colours. We use natural orange flavour to deliver a delicious tasting immune chewable supplement.

Support your little Well Being with Blackmores – Australia’s Most Trusted vitamin and dietary supplements brand*.

*Australia’s most trusted vitamin and supplement brand as voted by Australians in the 2009-2017 Readers Digest Most Trusted Survey.

Size: 60 tablets


Not suitable for children under 2 years

Excess consumption may have a laxative effect

Always read the label, use only as directed. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate


Active Ingredients: Zinc citratedihydrate (zinc 3 mg) 9.34 mg, Calcium ascorbate(ascorbic acid, vitamin C 82.15 mg) 99.43 mg, Betacarotene 450 Ž¼g, Cholecalciferol(vitamin D3 200 IU) 5 Ž¼g

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