FeverSmart Temperature Monitor (Thermometer) by Nurofen for Children

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    FeverSmart Temperature Monitor (Thermometer) by Nurofen for Children

    The FeverSmart Temperature Monitor connects with the FeverSmart App to continuously and accurately* track your child’s temperature. 

    The FeverSmart App
    Available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, the FREE FeverSmart App helps you feel in control while you monitor your child’s fever.

    Indicates on screen whether your child’s temperature is high, moderate or normal.
    Visual and audible alerts if temperature rises above 38°C
    Helps you track medication over time.


    – Continuous real-time temperature monitoring.

    – Easy to understand temperature readings.

    – Monitors as they sleep.

    – Wireless range up to 40m (Unobstructed view with Base station within 1.5m from the monitor.).

    Accurate within ± 0.2 degrees Celsius with correct usage. Environmental factors & child’s position may result in greater variance in accuracy.

    Remember to check on your child regularly for signs and symptoms of illness.

    For full instructions for use, storage and definitions of symbols refer to the enclosed user leaflet.


    Temperature alerts.

    Medicine tracking.

    Boxed Contents: 1 x Temperature monitor, 1 x base station, 4 x adhesive patches, 3 x AAA batteries.

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