Bioglan Superfoods Coconut Oil 100 Capsules

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    Bioglan Superfoods Coconut Oil 100 Capsules

    Bioglan Coconut Oil Capsules are metabolised in the liver, and are immediately converted into energy to help accelerate your metabolism. 
    Coconut oil can help ease your digestive system and help minimise bloating, making this the perfect companion of any weight loss goals. 

    Adding Bioglan Coconut Oil Capsules to your diet can help fuel any healthy lifestyle: 
    – Assists in weight management (in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise) 
    – Boosts metabolism 
    – Increases energy levels 
    – Aids digestion and nutrient absorption 

    – Enhances your Immune SystemCertified organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Capsule (gelatine, glycerol, E171, water)


    Take 3 capsules daily


    Vitamins can only be of assistance if dietary vitamin intake is inadequate. Please read directions on packaging prior to use.

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